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We’re among the world’s leading investment in agricultural, we providers that is revolutionising and redefining the way sustainable green sources are important across the world. We are presented in Kampala - Uganda.

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Showing a piece of land for the investors


Our relationship with the local community is a milestone for our work


Our CEO in a meeting with the Ugandan minister of investment


Inspecting a plot of land before buying process with an investor


One of our farm’s visits


Birds eye chili crop at our farm


Avocado nursery at one of our farms


Soil testing is one of our main concerns


Why should you
choose Alwadi ?

Great experience with the environment 01

Great experience with the environment, the Ugandan regions, the fertility of the land and the intensity of rainfall in it, as well as the purchase and completion of procedures and the handover of the land to several companies

The wide network of relations 02

The wide network of relations that the company enjoys with governmental, political and societal agencies, which ensures safe and fast procedures for obtaining lands
The work team has competence, credibility and responsibility, regardless of the value of the financial return

extensive experience to support the investor 03

Al-Wadi Company has extensive experience to support the investor in the post-purchase process in all aspects of agricultural investment, from forming a trained team, communicating with agricultural research centres and local expertise, facilitating obtaining agricultural process inputs from accredited companies, and supporting the marketing process of products internally and externally.

Frequent Questions

Agricultural investment is considered a safe investment if it is managed properly, because the asset is always valuable, in addition to the urgent and growing need of the world in food production.

Uganda has several advantages that make it an ideal environment for agricultural investment, which can be summarized in the following points: -Affordable land prices due to the large unused areas -Fertile lands suitable for almost all types of crops -A very stable rainfall pattern without the need for irrigation systems in most areas -Being on the equator with only 12 other countries in the world, the equator provides a suitable climate for high value crops -The temperature is stable from 21 to 31 throughout the year and is considered ideal weather -Its altitude ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 meters above sea level, and this altitude represents a cornerstone in the cultivation of many rare crops

You must make a visa online through the website of the Ministry of Immigration https://visas.immigration.go.ug/#/check with the payment of $ 50 visa fees

The climate of Uganda is tropical. It is located on the equator, but for its altitude above sea level by 1500-1000 m, you will find that the temperature is (20-30) degrees Celsius throughout the year and the rainfall is very high (1000-1500) mm per year.

The land is mostly fertile plains and valleys. The nature of the soil is lumpy (clay mixed with sand) to red in some areas.

Uganda is located within the countries of the East African Union (Kenya - Tanzania - Uganda - Rwanda - Burundi -) and is located on Lake Victoria, which is the largest tropical lake in the world and the second largest fresh lake in the world and there are many lakes such as Lake Albert, Cayuga, George, Edward, and others, many of the rivers flows from Kenya in the east and the Congo in the west. The population is about 55 million, and it is also the source of food for many countries around it, such as South Sudan, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The country of Uganda is largely stable in security and politics, despite the presence of fraud. If the investor is not aware of this, he may fall prey to fraud. Without strong political, security and societal relations, he may lose a lot of time, effort, and money.

Until recently, agriculture, pastoralism and fishing were the main source of wealth in Uganda. In 2019 AD, oil fields were discovered, and production will take place in 2023 AD, and this year 2022 AD, very large gold mines were discovered in the east and west of the country.

The biggest risk is the lack of identification papers (titles) for many agricultural lands, which requires great effort and costs to extract the approved documents for the land, and if any, some of them will have many problems, as well as the presence of some local squatters other than the original owners of the land, and Al-Wadi Company has great experience in doing Safe purchases

There are great investment incentives for the agricultural sector, including tax exemption for companies operating in the field, as well as exemption of all imported inputs (such as agricultural machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and irrigation systems) from any customs, as well as tax and customs exemption on exports.

Contact Al-Wadi Company through its various platforms to facilitate the visa procedures as well as arrange a visit to the state of Uganda to view the plots of land offered to us and to tour within the state of Uganda to find out everything related to agricultural investment there

This depends on the quality of your agricultural investment. Do you want to buy a farm and fully manage it, or participate with Al-Wadi Company in one of its farms offered for participation? Therefore, the average amount required according to the investment method is from 20 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars

There are no obstacles to transferring your money to or outside Uganda, except for the country from which the money comes, and there are also some ways to overcome these obstacles

There are excellent relations for Al-Wadi Company within the state of Uganda to facilitate the process of agricultural investment, including with members of the Ugandan Parliament and the Ministry of Investment represented by the Minister, as well as with some leaders of the army and local governments

Al Wadi Company provides remote investment to its clients in two ways: the first is to provide complete management and supervision by the company for your farm, and the second is to participate in a specific number of acres in one of Al Wadi Company’s farms

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